Hellgate: London weekly update: Underground Communique Number 3

A female Cabalist in Hellgate London - Image 1Every so often, one has to pause and take stock of what’s been happening so far. Flagship Studios has been doing that with Hellgate: London lately in the form of weekly news updates. This time, the third “Underground Communique” lets us in on what’s been going on in-game and out. More on this latest weekly wrap-up in the full article, right after the jump.

The Hunter class in Hellgate London - Image 1When you’ve had a lot of stuff going on lately, it’s usually a good idea to pause from time to time, look back, and take stock of what’s been happening. Flagship Studios Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman takes us through the most recent Hellgate: London-themed events with “Underground Communique # 3.”

Berman noted the following Hellgate: London goings-on and how they turned out:

  • The four best entries in the Stonehenge Screenshot Contest have been selected. The players who sent them in have received posters, T-shirts and a People of Holborn Station transmission.
  • New builds have been released for Hellgate: London Single Player Patch 1.2 Beta and Test Center Patch 1.3.
  • Flagship Studios has updated game servers and has introduced database software for the “Evil Eye” metric system, allowing it to document various statistics of and for players.
  • The developer has also created a subforum entirely for the documentation of patch notes.
  • Hellgate: London has become the most popular action-RPG launched in Korea in the past three years.
  • Berman has been busy rubbing elbows with Hellgate: London players over at Chat-1 on the US Shulgoth server.

If you’ve got any comments, ideas, corrections, suggestions, Berman is open to receiving them. Should you have anything you’d like to send his way, or if you’d simply like to check out the Underground Communique events in greater detail, the source link below will help you.

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