Hellgate: London’s possible SecuROM issues

SecuROM issues detected with Hellgate London - Image 1A user reports that a PC running with virtual drivers was unable to run Hellgate: London on his PC. The issue appears to stem from the game disc’s copyright protection measures, which prevents users from attempting to run backup copies of the game.

This protection problem appears to be one of a couple of other issues that are being reported following Hellgate: London‘s recent launch, the  other issues being lag and server hiccups. Visit the full article for further details about the issue surrounding virtual drivers.

If your PC happens to run on virtual driver software, you might be getting into a bit of trouble when you pick up your copy of Flagship StudiosHellgate: London MMORPG. Word on the street is that the disc’s SecuROM protection will lock down the game, and will prompt you to load an original copy (even if you’re already running on an original). George’s screenshot post (via Aeropause) should give you an idea of what sort of error message to expect:

Hellgate London carries SecoROM issues - Image 1

As a recap, virtual drivers enable PC users to read the content of a CD or DVD from the disk image on a hard drive, which basically means they can run software that would normally need to have a CD/DVD loaded in the drive. Virtual drivers are normally used to beta-test software, although one of its not-so-legitimate uses includes running backup discs (like pirated discs).

At the moment, Flagship is busy addressing the lag issues that have been turning Hellgate‘s battlefields into a literal, well, hell. We’ll let you know if any word comes out for a patch to address this issue.

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