Historic Nintendo sales in Thanksgiving 2007

Mario - Image 1Nintendo of America has announced that the Thanksgiving week of 2007 marks a historic time in the company’s existence. This week, the Nintendo DS officially broke the record for most video game systems sold in a week while the Nintendo Wii sold 350,000 units – the second highest output since launching a year ago. All is looking well in the Kyoto-based firm’s turf as it vows to increase efforts to keep up with tremendous demand.

Nintendo - Image 1

Nintendo of America has announced that the first week of the holiday season has spelled a historic period for the company. Its Nintendo DS has now eclipsed the record of predecessor Game Boy Advance for most units sold in a week while the Nintendo Wii hit the second-biggest sales total in a seven-day period next to its launch.

In the Thanksgiving week, the Nintendo DS racked up 653.000 units sold in North America alone, shattering the 600,000 record set by last generation’s Game Boy Advance. Nintendo says it’s all but certain that the Nintendo DS will become the top-selling video game system of 2007 and of all time.

The Nintendo Wii, on the other hand, sold 350,000 units in the Thanksgiving week alone, surpassing what some of its competitors tally in an entire month. Nintendo also reports that the Nintendo Wii reached the 5 million units sold mark faster than any other game console in history.

Nintendo says that it will increase efforts to ship more Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS units to accommodate the tremendous demand for its products.

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