HMV to grow more committed to Blu-ray

HMV to ramp up its commitment to Blu-ray  - Image 1While we’ve known for a while about the demise of HD DVD, the important follow-up news has everything to do with the adoption of Blu-ray as a standard. That being said, HMV has announced that it’ll be ramping up its commitment to Blu-ray as a standard for DVDs everywhere. More on this after the jump.

HMV to increase its commitment to blu-ray - Image 1HMV has announced that it’ll be stepping up its commitment to Blu-ray, following the trend that occurred in the wake of HD DVD’s demise. The announcement essentially means that there’ll be more shelf space as well as coverage of Blu-ray titles in HMV’s lineup, as they begin to tout the format as the future of high definition.

Notes HMV CEO Simon Fox,

It can only be a positive development that one high definition format has now emerged, and we at HMV UK, Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore look forward to putting our full support behind Blu-Ray as a single standard which will help to create an exciting new growth phase for the DVD market.

Fox also mentioned that now seemed like the best time to make multi-format offers for its consumers, which means you should look forward to some interesting PS3 bundles in the future as well.


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