Homebrew: Chess for the Wii

Homebrew: Chess for the Wii - Image 1Support for for the Wii console’s homebrew scene is coming along nicely, as we report the release of hanse’s chess game. It’s a pretty simple setup, though its certainly worth a look. More details are available in the full article.

Download: Chess for the Wii

Chess for the Wii - Image 1Apparently, this is is going to be the fifth homebrew game we’ll be reporting for the Nintendo Wii. It’s a simple game of chess created by developer hanse, and is actually a port of Tom Kerrigan’s Simple Chess Program (TSCP).

TSCP was written back in 1997 as a means of demonstrating the basics chess programing. hanse’s port in particular adds a small user interface. The developer notes that you’ll need Team Twiizer’s Twilight Hack to run this game on your console

The game is controlled by a GameCube pad, with cursor movement being achieved by the D-Pad. The A button places the blue cursor, while the B button moves from the blue to the orange position. Further details regarding how this game are available in the file bundle’s readme, and over at hanse’s post (via the source link).

Download: Chess for the Wii

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