Homebrew Guitar Hero for the PSP: Guitarra Gero v1.0

Guitarra Gero - Image 1Time to jam! Guitarra Gero v1.0 is a homebrew clone of Guitar Hero for the PSP. It’s pretty simple and the mechanics are the same of any GH title: just get into the rhythm and mash the buttons in time with the beat!

Download: Guitarra Gero v1.0

Guitarra Gero - Image 1

Guitarra Gero v1.0 is a PSP homebrew clone of Guitar Hero, coded by P22. Though it’s been done in Lua, it’s still quite impressive. The basic elements of GH are there – and still very much addictive once you get used to it.

The interface may be in Spanish, but it shouldn’t be all that hard to bumble your way along into the game. Besides, music is a universal language!

Here are the controls for Guitarra Gero v1.0:


  • X: Accept/Enter
  • D-pad: move to next selection

In game:

  • X, Triangle, O, Square: Strike corresponding notes

Download: Guitarra Gero v1.0

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