Homebrew – Kakuro Nichiyou PSP 1.2

Kakuro Nichiyou PSP 1.2 - Image 1Who could have known math games could be so much fun? We’ve seen it with the success of Sudoku, and it seems like there’s no stopping the spread of this newfound fun way of conquering fear of numbers. Based on Sudoku‘s younger brother, Kakro of Japan, comes Kakuro Nichiyou PSP 1.2 from homebrew game dev MK2k. To see how challenging this game is, check out the details at the full article.

Download: Kakuro Nichiyou PSP 1.2
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Kakuro Nichiyou PSP 1.2 - Image 1 

If you’re into mathematical puzzles, then you’d probably want to look at this homebrew game from MK2k, Kakuro Nichiyou PSP 1.2. It is based on the Kakro game of Japan, otherwise known as Cross Sums in the USA, which is actually known as the younger brother of Sudoku.

The features included in this homebrew version are:

  • Kakuro Nichiyou features 254 hand-picked/created Puzzles from Puzzlemakers all over the world. Permission granted by Otto Janko, a great Puzzle collector  visit his website: www.janko.at
  • Play Kakuros by setting numbers in the free fields, you can even make “notes in each field (small numbers from 1..9
  • In Kakuro Nichiyou you can save your current progress to one of 20 different save slots.
  • Kakuro Nichiyou features a solver which is work in progress. In the current state it is able to solve 203 out of the 234 Puzzles completely. It cannot find a solution for the other puzzles but gives you the found notes of the remaining fields (or maybe just a good laugh =D).

For more information on the game, as well as installation instructions and controls, make sure to check out the readme. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy brushing up on your logic and math skills.

Download: Kakuro Nichiyou PSP 1.2
Discuss: QJ.NET’s PSP Development Forums

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