Home-made custom gunmetal grey PlayStation 3

Home-made: Custom gunmetal grey PlayStation 3 - Image 1Looking for another way to get one of Konami‘s super-limited Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle? A posted over at the PlayStation forums managed to recreate one with just a couple of cans of paint, a bit of ingenuity, and very dexterous hands. You can see the finished PS3 over in the full article.

Given how quickly Konami’s limited-edition Gunmetal Grey PS3 bundle ran out during its Japan run, it’s not hard to imagine a similar scenario happening for the international launch. Now, if you’re keen on getting one for yourself but have neither the money or the initiative, you might want to try dieselstation’s solution: make one.

The PlayStation forums member announced the successful repaint of a PlayStation 3 in same colors as the units coming with Metal Gear Solid 4. What makes this all the more interesting is that it didn’t require too many tools to pull this off –  dieselstation notes using Tamiya Gunmetal TS-38 for its primary colors, with Testors Dullcote 1260 as a final coat.

We’ve posted a couple of images of dieselstation’s work here for your ogling pleasure – you can find more images over at the U.S. PlayStation forums, via the source link below. We’re not sure if the modder‘s willing to be commissioned for similar projects, but that’d admittedly be awesome. Drop by again in case we run into any related updates.

Home-made: Custom gunmetal grey PlayStation 3 - Image 1 Home-made: Custom gunmetal grey PlayStation 3 - Image 2 Home-made: Custom gunmetal grey PlayStation 3 - Image 3

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