Hudson Soft Q & A: details spilled on various games

The recognizable Bomberman from Hudson Soft - Image 1So they say that learning is about asking the right questions. That’s probably why John Master Lee of Hudson Soft started a Q & A session regarding the company’s games. If you’re curious as to what Hudson Soft has to say regarding some of its various titles, turn to the full article after the jump.

Bomberman is only one of several Hudson Soft franchises - Image 1Q & A sessions can be very informative experiences – they offer players a chance to learn what developers have been up to lately. In fact, Hudson Soft‘s John Master Lee spilled the beans (well, some beans, anyway) regarding some of the company’s games.

According to Lee, this is the dirt on some of Hudson Soft’s titles:

  • Bomberman Wii – It will be a classic game of Bomberman, but it will still different from Bomberman Live.
  • Dracula X for WiiWareThere are no final plans for this one yet.
  • Bomberman Live  for XBLA – Downloadable content for this game may be a possibility, but it may be implemented differently.
  • Bomberman Story RPG for DS- Hudson Soft has no plans to bring this to the US.
  • Dungeon Explorer for the XBLA- This project hasn’t just been delayed; it’s been shelved.
  • PlayStation Network – Hudson Soft is looking at bringing some franchises over.

Do note that John Master Lee’s Hudson Soft Q & A session is still ongoing. If you’d like to contribute to the session, or if you simply wish to find out what Hudson Soft has in store for other games in their lineup, feel free to click on the source link below.

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