iDeaS beta: DS emulator for Windows

Nintendo DS emulator - Image 1A new version is out for iDeaS, a DS emulator for Windows. This version has several new bug fixes and added support for 2D render plugin. Details in the full article.

Download:iDeaS v1.0.2.6

ideas - Image 1 Developer Lino has released a new version of iDeaS, a DS emulator for Windows. Now on version, this version has several bug fixes and new features.

This version is still in beta so you may experience some hiccups here and there. When I tried it myself it kept on telling me that my video card doesn’t support the vertex shader. The program’s FAQ said that this version requires a GPU with the vertex shader capabilities – lacking that, you can either wait for the next version, or use an older one.

Here’s the changelog for iDeaS v1.0.2.6:


  • Fixed bug in OBJ Bitmap.
  • Fixed bugs in SaveStates routines.
  • Fixed bug in BEGIN_VTXS register.
  • Fixed bug in VRAMCNT_* registers.
  • Fixed bug in Frames Skip routines.
  • Add Support for 2D render PlugIn.
  • Add Console Output for debugger.
  • Add support for Guitar Hero Grip.

Audio PlugIn

  • Fixed some bugs in resampling routines.
  • Fixed bug in SaveStates routines.

Download:iDeaS v1.0.2.6

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