Igarashi looking into WiiWare, for traditional Castlevania?

Igarashi and his Castlevania - Image 1Would it appease you guys if Igarashi brings out a traditional Castlevania? We’re not saying he will, but he’s said some statement that makes us think there’s a possibility he might. Find out about it after the jump.

Caslevania art - Image 1Okay, so quite a good number of fans reacted strongly against Konami‘s Castlevania Judgment. But this certainly does not stop others to still wish that Koji Igarashi‘s latest 2D adventure be also brought to the DS.

Apart from that wish, hardcore supporters are also “begging for Igarashi” to bring a traditional Castlevania title to the consoles. While we hear nothing about granting the particular wish of the fans, what we have heard is that Igarashi is looking at WiiWare.

Telling MTV Multiplayer at E3 last week, “I’m definitely interested in WiiWare and I think it’s one of the areas that 2D can still be very strong at… I’m very much looking into that.”

Very much looking into that, huh? Well then it seems like they’re already examining the pros and cons and the probable benefits of bringing an oldie Castlevania to WiiWare. Maybe this time you can share your ideas with him on what you guys want to see on WiiWare, and so critics will be more favorable for him next time.

Then everybody’s happy.

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