IGG bares previews Angels Online production system

A craftsman plying his trade - Image 1While some people serve as either consumers, other people serve as producers. It is these people who churn out the products that the consumers need, be it in real life or in MMORPGs such as Angels Online.

In fact, IGG has given us a glimpse of who the producers are and the kinds of skills that make them part of the Angels Online production system. These craftsmen and their important role after the jump!

An Angels Online banner - Image 1 

If you’re the kind of MMORPG player who prefers to tinker with the game’s system and invent new things for your fellow players, then the production system in Angels Online may be just for you.

Thankfully, IGG has taken the time out to explain some of the details behind the new system. Angel Online‘s production system consists of five classes: armor craftsman, weapon craftsman, tailor, technician, and chef.

Each of these five classes possess a variety of skills unique to their particular craft, though some of the skills tend to overlap between classes (notably the mechanism, drive and leather armor skills).

According to IGG, the five classes in Angels Online‘s production system have an important role to play in the upcoming Totem Battle feature. Since building fortifications and trading products appears to be the name of the game in Totem Battle, it becomes imperative to secure the service of a craftsman or three.

IGG hasn’t exactly gone into much detail about Totem Battle besides what was mentioned above, so expect more updates from us as soon as we get them.

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