In our defense, we tried: XSEED blogs about Valhalla Knights 2 changes for US version

Valhalla Knights 2 - Image 1 Doh Whang from XSEED Games blogged about the changes adopted into the US edition of Valhalla Knights 2. The changes were oriented to speeding up the pacing of the game to a more “US-friendly” level. They seem to have met with… some… success. See the list of changes in te full article.

Valhalla Knights 2 - Image 1

Perhaps in defense against criticisms leveled at Valhalla Knights 2, Doh Whang, from XSEED Games blogged about their efforts to make their game more US-friendly. He mentioned that they “were worried that the pacing was a bit too slow for the US audience,” and implemented some short-notice changes. Not everything they wanted got in but here’s the stuff that did:

  • Escape Cards were made available in the third dungeon rather than the fifth, thus allowing the players at least to return to town and save more quickly.
  • Increased amount of gold awarded in certain treasure chests.
  • Increased amount of EXP gained from battles by 10% to allow for faster leveling up
  • Slashed the number of monsters for the hunting quests by 30% so that the player could progress through the quests (and consequently the story) much quicker.

I can see how much improved the US version was from the original… that said, the grind tolerance of the Asian market continues to astound me. Apparently VK 2 did rather well over there with Japanese sales close to 35,000 in the first week alone.

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