Ingles rolls out a Winner: PS3 clone with Wii remote

Ingles rolls out a Winner: PS3 clone with Wii remote - Image 1Now we all know about the Vii – a rather blatant imitation of the Nintendo Wii that spilled out of China. Apparently, another Chinese manufacturing company going by the name of Ingles decided to imitate imitation, so to speak. And this one’s a Winner, literally: it’s a Sony PlayStation 3 clone sifting the best of the Nintendo Wii. How so? Head on to the full story to find out!

Ingles rolls out a Winner: PS3 clone with Wii remote - Image 1Information we’ve gathered on the so-called Winner is that it is one of three new products of Ingles, a Chinese manufacturing company who also created new automated printing machines and home entertainment products. The Winner is likened a lot to Sony‘s next generation console and not just by looks either: the Sony PlayStation 3 imitation is also geared to be an all-in-one entertainment product, carrying features suitable for Asian home entertainment.

Word is that the Winner will be a platform for interactive entertainment with a twist; that is, it can also serve as a fully-fledged karaoke machine and a portal for downloading and saving media content via secure digital high-capacity cards (SDHC). And that doesn’t include its graphics engine that will run both 2D and 3D third-party games.

What makes the Winner even more interesting is that its controller is exactly what a Wii Remote clone would be, only, well, in black. Much like the Vii (and Vii version 2), the Winner’s control is full motion-sensing capable, and it seems that the device also means to double as a home entertainment set of both audio and video means.

While exact specifications of the Winner’s hardware haven’t been divulged, it has been revealed that the product won’t be an Chinese market affair only. In fact, a portion of three million units will be delegated to the North American market, while the remainder will enter the Japanese market. It’s price tag is also a keeper: it’s just US$120 a pop, if not US$150 per.

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