Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine debut trailer video

Wii - Image 1If you’re looking for a culinary fix that Cooking Mama promised she’d give (but didn’t), then who better to satisfy you than the cleaver-swinging Iron Chefs of Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii? Promised to take advantage of the unique control scheme of both systems, this should be the definitive culinary experience on any console. Check out the debut trailer video at the full article.

For those of us who didn’t quite get their culinary fix from Cooking Mama: Cook Off on the Nintendo Wii, then here’s something that should fill up those appetites real quick: Destineer‘s Iron Chef America headed for the Wii and DS. And if the official announcement of it being declared as an actual game isn’t awesome enough, we also have the very first trailer video of it in action.

Well, it’s not actually a gameplay video, and more like an epic advertisement for just how extreme this game can get. Suffice to say, however, that we’re all pumped up for it – after all, who else hasn’t imagined themselves duking it out in an Iron Chef episode, where the one with the tastiest dish can disembowel their co-competitors with their own spatula? Okay, maybe not, but still. This is Iron Chef: Supreme Cuisine – let’s hope Destineer doesn’t drop the ball on this one. Enjoy the video!

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