It prints money: Super Mario Galaxy sells 500,000 in first week

Super Mario Galaxy - Image 1There’s now another reason why the popular internet meme “It prints money!” is attributed to Nintendo. Super Mario Galaxy, reportedly sold a remarkable number of 500,000 copies on its first week in the US. It’s not even Black Friday or the holidays yet, and that number doesn’t include sales figures from other regions. Read on to get more details!

Super Mario Galaxy - Image 1It seems that Nintendo can gives themselves a pat on the back once again. according to their internal sales figures, their first-party Wii title Super Mario Galaxy sold a remarkable 500,000 copies in the US on its first week alone, and it’s not even Black Friday or even the holidays yet.

Super Mario Galaxy had the strongest one-week debut of any Wii game to date and has also become the best-selling Mario title ever in its first week,” said Nintendo of America“>George Harrison, Nintendo of America‘s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. Its strong sales may even rival that of Bungie Studios’ Halo 3, especially since Black Friday – that wild sales frenzy of an event – is only a few days away.

According to Nintendo, it’s still not too late to grab a copy of Super Mario Galaxy for yourself. You can purchase one from any of the participating malls showcasing the Nintendo Mall Experience, which will run through January 8. You can even try the game before buying it.

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