iXboxLive v1.6: Xbox Live access on iPhone, iPod Touch

iXboxLive v1.6: Xbox Live access on iPhone, iPod Touch - Image 1If you want to have Xbox Live access while on the go, maybe you would like to try the homebrew application called iXboxLive from coder NPike. It is to be used on platforms iPhone and iPod Touch and is currently on version 1.6.

Prior to this release, there have been two other builds for the program. To see all its features as well as those being planned by the owner, you can proceed to the full article via the “read more” link below.

Download: iXboxLive v1.6

iXboxLive v1.6: Xbox Live access on iPhone, iPod Touch - Image 1Despite being competitors in business, there’s still a way to bring synergy between companies Apple and Microsoft. This is, needless to say, through the up and coming homebrew scene for both platforms.

Coder mavr1k, also known as NPike, has this application called iXboxLive. Just like its name implies, this nifty program provides iPhone and iPod Touch owners Xbox Live access through their Apple gadgets.

The application is currently on version 1.6 and there have been two previous builds prior to the last one. All existing features of iXboxLive, as well as those still being worked on by Npike, include:

  • Features:
    • List your favorite Xbox Live buddies
    • See their online status wherever you have a network connection
      • Displays their gamer picture
  • Planned/Future Features:
    • Tapping a gamertag will slide out their full gamer card, allowing you to easily see scores, reputation, and recently played games
    • Display current game being played if online
    • Your Suggestions Here

Unlike your usual homebrew releases, iXboxLive v1.6 doesn’t come with a documentation. So be sure that you know exactly what you are doing before installing the program to avoid any problems.

Download: iXboxLive v1.6

Via NPike’s blog

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