Japan: backwards compatible PS3s priced at double current model’s

Japan: old 60GB PS3 models return to original priceThe new PlayStation 3 models don’t have backwards compatibility, which had a lot of gamers groaning. But how much is backwards compatibility worth? Would you buy the old 20 GB or 60 GB model at double the price of the newer, non-BC 40 GB model? It seems that gamers in Japan are willing to pay as much. Details in the full article.

Japan: old 60GB PS3 models return to original price - Image 1 

How much is backwards compatibility for your PlayStation 3 worth to you? If you purchased the previous models that were backwards compatible, this wouldn’t be a problem for you, but for other gamers who have their eye on the console, this is a question to ponder on.

If you had the chance to buy the old backwards compatible models, would you buy it at double the price of the new model? Well, this is the scenario that Amazon Japan and various Japanese shops are offering their customers.

The current price of the 40 GB model (which isn’t backwards compatible) in Amazon Japan is JPY 37,581(US$ 363). The old 20 GB and 60 GB models though, are being offered at almost twice that. It’s basically priced at the same level when it first entered the market.

The 20 GB model is being offered for JPY 63,800 (US$ 616), and the 60 GB model is being offered at JPY 74,800 (US$ 723). Shops have also doubled their prices for second hand consoles, from JPY 15,000 (US$ 145) to JPY 40,100 (US$ 388) for the 20 GB model.

Perhaps Sony might consider looking into bringing back backwards compatibility, if there are gamers out there who continue to find that it’s still worth it.

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