Japan hardware sales: Nintendo DS slides back to third place

Japan hardware sales: Nintendo DS back on third place - Image 1Could the Nintendo DS be losing some of its charm? For the first two weeks of February, the handheld slid from first place down to third place in Japan‘s hardware sales charts. It seemed it was getting back its momentum last week when it slid to second place, but now it’s gone back to third. More details in the full article.

Japan hardware sales: Nintendo DS back on third place - Image 1

The Nintendo DS, which has more or less always been on top of the charts in Japan, seems to have lost some of its charm for February. Could it be that it’s really slipping or is it just that the other platforms are taking some of the limelight?

For the first two weeks of February
, the DS slipped down to third place, behind the Wii and the PSP. On the third week, it gained some of its momentum back, and reached second place. However, for the last week of February, it slipped back to third place.

As we draw farther away from the winter holidays, sales across all platforms are slipping. However, the DS’s slip in sales in relation to the other platforms may be a point of concern in the future. Here are the numbers in Japan for the week ending on February 28th:

  • Wii: 63,504
  • PSP: 53,373
  • DS Lite: 50,151
  • PS3: 14,060
  • PS2: 9,634
  • Xbox 360: 2,001

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