Japanese school uses LocoRoco to teach math

Loco Roco - Image 1While this blogger enjoyed math class when he was in grade school, a lot of his other classmates didn’t. Well, it’s a pretty safe bet that it would have been a different story if the teacher used a video game such as LocoRoco to help teach the lesson. That’s precisely what a Japanese school did. To check out some pictures for yourself, head on over to the full article.

Loco Roco PSP - Image 1 Loco Roco PSP - Image 2

It seems that math can be made fun with LocoRoco. Sony Computer Entertainment has started using this PlayStation Portable video game to teach Japanese sixth graders in the Tomiura elementary school at the Asahi Chiba Prefecture.

Judging from the pictures, the students involved in this project looked like they were really getting into the lesson. That’s pretty good considering it’s hard to keep the attention of students when teaching both multiplication and division.

This is a good example of how video games can be used to help teach the younger generation various subjects without boring them. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing even more of this in the future. Before you go, you might want to stay awhile and check out some pictures from the event.

Loco Roco PSP - Image 1 Loco Roco PSP - Image 2 Loco Roco PSP - Image 3 Loco Roco PSP - Image 4
Loco Roco PSP - Image 5 Loco Roco PSP - Image 6

Via Famitsu

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