JoWood to make Sam & Max title for the Wii

Logo of LucasArts' Sam & Max - Image 1As adventure games go, Sam & Max has always been a good fan favorite. This was exactly the reason why German video game company JoWooD has announced plans on releasing the off-beat and unconventional point-and-click adventure game on the Nintendo Wii.

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Screenshot of LucasArts Sam & Max: Culture Shock for PC - Image 1Following up with its the announcement of the new Agatha Christie game for the Wii, German video game company JoWooD has decided to continue its foray into the Nintendo next-gen platform with plans to release a future Sam & Max title.

JoWooD announced last year the the point-and-click adventure game Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None will be released on the Wii this February. Considering the intuitive controls the Wii has, it’s no mystery why the company decided to port their successful “whodunnit” title to the console.

Now, thanks to the positive response from readers of the German computer game magazine PC Games, JoWooD has announced their plans to make its newest detective title on the Wii with Sam and Max as the main characters. This is definitely a rather unconventional change of pace from JoWooD’s usual trend of serious mystery detective titles.

There’s been no solid word so far if this will be a completely new title or merely a port of one of the previous ones. While there was also no mention when this title will come out, we’ll be sure to keep our eye out on any word of this upcoming game.

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