Jump Festa pics!

banner - Image 1Got pics? We have. QJ reader  and all around great guy, Stephen, was lucky enough to attend the recent Jump Festa and sent us a few Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts: 385/2 Days related images.

Curious? Hit the jump and feast your eyes on the Giant-Mega-Roxas.

T’was the night before Christmas and not a creature did stir,
But then in the mailbox came a foursome of pics from a loyal QJ reader!

Many thanks to Stephen for sending these in:

image 2 - Image 1                                 Giant-Mega Roxas invites you to worship at his altar.

image 3 - Image 1 It’s a bit like that scene in Beetlejuice. You know the one right?

image 4 - Image 1 My, my, Stephen, what beautiful digits you’ve got. All the better to er… hold things with…

image 1 - Image 1

*something funny*

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