Koei announces Samurai Warriors: Katana for 2008

Koei announces Samurai Warriors: Katana for 2008 - Image 1Koei has finally announced that the latest installment to their successful Samurai Warriors series, Samurai Warriors: Katana for the Nintendo Wii platform, will be available in North America by next year.

Thanks to the Wii’s motion sensitive, hand held remote feature, practically enables gamers to flesh out their hidden Samurai fantasies as they slice their way through missions and battles with the Wiimote. Details at the full article.

  Samurai Warrior:Katana for Nintendo Wii - Image 1 Samurai Warrior:Katana for Nintendo Wii - Image 2  Samurai Warriors: Katana for Nintendo Wii - Image 1 

It’s official! Globally respected premier brand of strategy and action games, KOEI, has finally announced that their latest first-person, action-adventure game, Samurai Warriors: Katana for the Nintendo Wii, will finally reach North American shores by January 15 next year. This is great news for die hard fans of the Samurai Warriors game series since it first came out in June 18, 2004.

The newest installment is specifically made for the Nintendo Wii, and it gives gamers a whole new way to enjoy the game since the Wii’s wireless controller feature actually enables gamers to physically engage the game rather than to simply sit in a chair or couch the whole time while playing it.

Through this feature, gamers are almost given a chance to relive the hay day of the honorable Samurai back in the age of feudal Japan as characters in the game hack through pirates with each swipe of the Wii’s hand held wireless controller. They will also get to rescue distressed maidens and explore uncharted caves swarming with blood-thirsty ninjas.

In a recent article concerning the Samurai Warriors: Katana release date; Amos Ip, Senior VP and CEO of Koei Corp., invites all to experience just how awesome this game truly is. Through the Wii’s motion sensitive hand held remote, both expert and newbie gamers are offered a chance to experience a whole new dimension of gaming the Nintendo Wii provides.

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