Kojima not disappointed with Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - Image 1Back in an interview published by UK-based Edge magazine, Hideo Kojima was quoted saying his team at Kojima Productions failed to meet the vision for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Many of those who chanced upon his words then believed he was disappointed with the Sony PlayStation 3. However, the man is saying that isn’t the case. Learn more at the full article.

Hideo Kojiima - Image 1Mixed reactions ensued when an interview with Hideo Kojima saying he wasn’t happy with the Sony PlayStation 3’s limitations surfaced. Looks like the mastermind at the helm of Kojima Productions behind Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots took note of the commotion, and simply had to clear things up.

In a recent podcast, Kojima himself stated that he’s not at all disappointed with the Sony PS3. According to his explanation, the reason behind the misconception was poor translation which took away the modesty out of his words.

If anything, what Kojima really wanted to say in the interview in question was that his team overestimated the power of Sony’s console while developing Metal Gear Solid 4. To illustrate, he made an analogy akin to Konami Digital’s Metal Gear Solid plots – a little over the top, but it makes sense.

Since we all want to avoid further misunderstandings, we’ll leave what Kojima said as translated by a generally trusted translator to your own interpretation:

Let’s say this developer is making hardware, in this case a game, and that hardware is at the level of a car. And when looking at the specs, the developer claims the car is able to fly. Now there is no stopping when you say, “This is a car that can fly.”

When you claim that it can fly, the speculation grows from “oh so it can FLY?!!!” And the developer would set his goals higher. The speculation is that if the car flies, then it should reach a MACH speed…but it doesn’t stop there…it’d go beyond the speculation of then “it should go into space!” with all the excitement around, and the developer would go deeply into making the car going into space.

However, he’ll come up to the public and say the car reaches the MACH speed, but it fails to go into the space. But he shouldn’t give up, because for a car to even reach a mach speed and go into air is revolutionary. I wished to convey my thoughts like that, but I guess it didn’t work very well.

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