Kynapse 5 to be released at Game Developers Conference

Kynapse 5 to be released at Game Developers Conference - Image 1Kynogon recently announced that they will be unveiling the latest version of their AI middleware, Kynapse 5, during the Game Developers Conference. Along with this, information on the three new key features was provided. Check out the details after the jump!

Kynapse 5 to be released at Game Developers Conference - Image 1

Kynogon has just announced that they will be releasing the Kynapse 5 during the Game Developers Conferece (GDC) in San Francisco. Much of their technology is widely used by game developers. With the coming of this latest AI middleware, three new key features were revealed that would improve gaming quality.

The Kynapse 5 uses a new 3D Pathfinding that helps NPC find their way around complex arrangements of objects in highly dynamic game settings. This will feature destructible terrain with objects that obstruct the characters’ path, provide cover and even block visibility.

The Multithread and Multicore architectures enable the asynchronous framework to be simply activated, which significantly reduces CPU consumption on the main game and processor as time-consuming path finding calculation will be offloaded to secondary threads.

The distributed path data generation is responsible for the creation of AI data. NPCs will be able to analyze the 3D topology in real time, enabling them to identify hiding places, threats, and other features of their environments. This dramatically reduces generation times in effect, improving productivity.

Pierre Pontevia, CEO of Kynogon, commented on the coming of their latest AI middleware by saying:

We always have worked hard to listen to our clients and anticipate market evolutions. The new features in Kynapse 5 are a direct response to our clients needs. We are particularly looking forward to seeing what types of new gameplay developers will produce using Kynapse 5.

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