Lara Croft’s new adventure: Tomb Raider Underworld details

Tomb Raider Underworld - Image 1Lara Croft is back in Tomb Raider Underworld. Want to know what’s in store for her? New info on locations, the saving feature, enemies and more have come in from French magazine PSM3 and Polish magazine CD-Action. New details of Tomb Raider Underworld in the full article.

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Looking forward to Lara Croft’s new adventure in Tomb Raider Underworld? Well so are we. Here’s something to make the wait easier for you (or more difficult, depending on how you take it): new info of the game from magazines PSM3 and CD-Action.

It’s been revealed before that the story of Tomb Raider Underworld (360, PS3, PC) will center on Lara solving the mysteries of the Mayan civilization. Now it’s also been revealed that the new game will not have Lara going back to places she’s been in before.

The game will have Lara exploring different parts of the world this time. It’s been reported she’ll be traveling to locations in Australia, Easter Island, Rome, the Vatican, Mesopotamia, and the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia.

As most of the locations are in places that haven’t been touched for centuries, there won’t be a lot of human enemies. Instead, Lara will be facing off with monsters, some of mythological nature.

The new save system also allows the game to take a snapshot of debris and felled enemies as they are. Remnants of battle such as enemies you defeated will also be saved to file. Load your game again and everything will look the same as you’ve left it – assuming you did save.

One exciting new feature of the game is that Lara will have dynamic use of both her hands, mixing action and platforming in the game. She can now do actions like shoot her gun while hanging from a ledge at the same time.

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