Lib SDK Utilities v0.3 with SaveData fix-up

Sony PSP logo - Image 1PSP users and budding developers may want to check out the latest version of dridri85‘s Lib SDK Utilities application (previous version here), which lets users play around with the utilities found in the official SDK. This particular release features a fix on the SaveData utility. Check out the full article for more details.

Download: Lib SDK Utilities v0.3 fix-up

PSP Logo - Image 1The Lib SDK Utilities program is updated once again by homebrew developer dridri85. For those who aren’t acquainted with the application, let us refresh your memory: it lets Sony PSP users (and budding developers) tinker around with the utilities of the official SDK, among other things enumerated below:

  • Keys OSK
  • SaveData
  • Message Dialog (with choice “Yes No” possible)
  • Error Dialog (it displays an error code)
  • Net Dialog (maleureusement the connection is cut off at the end)

This specific version features bug fix for the SaveData feature, so those who have encountered some problems while trying to use the SaveData may want to update their copy of Lib SDK Utilities as soon as possible. Like the previous release, dridri85 wasn’t able to include a readme file along with the updated application, so you better make sure that you have prior experience or knowledge needed to install this program without a hitch.

The homebrew developer also added a few words concerning this particular update which you can check out by following the via link below.

Download: Lib SDK Utilities v0.3 fix-up

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