LibOGC 20080602: Wii development library, now with Wiimote support

Wii Homebrew - Wiibrew news and downloads - libogc - Image 1Heads up, Wiibrew developers! Here’s the latest version of LibOGC, the premiere library for Wii and GameCube homebrew development. This version now has support for the Wiimote. Check out the full article to find out what else is new.

Download: LibOGC 20080602

Wii Homebrew - Wiibrew news and downloads - libogc - Image 1LibOGC, a development library used by coders for creating Wii and Gamecube homebrew, has been updated by developers Shagkur and Wintermute and is now on build 20080602.

Thanks to the latest Wiiuse update, LibOGC now has Wiimote support. Aside from this though, the new LibOGC build has several great improvements, including support for reading and writing to SD cards.

Here’s what’s new with LibOGC in version 20080602:

  • ShagkurÂ’s lwbt port and reworking of ParaÂ’s wiiuse library bring us wiimote support.
  • The old sd card library has now been removed in favour of libfat.
  • Extended and improved API for accessing the nand filesystem.
  • Internal console now understands VT escape sequences.
  • argv support for passing arguments to applications.
  • Improved Video detection scheme for setting mode.

If you plan on using this, be advised that the devs pointed out that this build is not currently suitable for homebrew development with the Gameboy Advance and the Nintendo DS. To avoid any problems, be sure to go over the documentation files included with the file to avoid any unwanted incidents when coding your own programs.

Download: LibOGC 20080602

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