Limit Break: Crisis Core closing in on two million sales mark

Crisis Core - Image 1On Friday of last week, Squeenix released their latest sales figures via a PDF on their website.Their best cash cow so far: Crisis Core for the PSP had sold just shy of two million units worldwide since release day. This comes as little surprise given that Crisis Core was ranked the second best selling PSP game the month it was released in North America. More on this and the performance of other Squeenix titles in the full article.

Had a good weekend? Square Enix certainly did.

On Friday of last week (November 7 for those without calendars), Squeenix released their latest sales figures and they seem to be doing rather well. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 for the PSP had sold just shy of two million units worldwide since its release.

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with Crisis Core (where have you been?) it’s the PSP-exclusive, action-RPG prequel to Final Fantasy VII. Good stuff, and a must buy for any fan of the series.

The figures showed Japan to be their strongest market with close to half the total number of units sold credited to them alone. North America was a close second with 610,000 units and Europe finished with 460,000.

The rest of Asia, curiously enough, only sold a paltry 30,000 units despite being the largest potential market. I would assume (and I’m just speculating at this point, mind you) the rampant software piracy in the region skewed the numbers somewhat.

Here’s the chart so you can see the numbers for yourself:

Square Enix Sales Report - Image 1 

The game to watch out for seems to be Dragon Quest IV which, despite a late North American and European release, exploded in the Japanese market to outsell all other Nintendo system games including Final Fantasy IV.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s the late release of DQ IV behind its poor North American sales (only 90K units sold vs Japan’s 1.1M) or if something was lost in the English version. I vote the former since it was still ranked 18th out of 20 greatest games ever on the NES in an issue of Nintendo Power.

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