Lionhead Studios offers goodies, fame at Fable 2 charity auction

A fencer and a dancer in Fable 2 - Image 1People love win-win situations. The folks at Lionhead Studios, developers of the upcoming action RPG Fable 2, think so, too. Which is why they’re going to be donating Fable 2 goodies at the Child’s Play‘s Fundraiser Dinner Auction in Seattle Washington this coming December.

Fable fans can hit two birds with one stone by bidding for Lionhead Studios’ goodies while showing love to less fortunate children at the same time. Curious as to what those goodies might be? Find out after the jump!

A fabled hero and his dog in Fable 2 - Image 1Lionhead Studios, developer of the action RPG Fable 2, will be setting a variety of Fable goodies up for grabs at the Child’s Play‘s Fundraiser Dinner Auction. It will be held on December 11, 2007 at the Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington.

Just what will Lionhead Studios be auctioning off, you may ask? Oh, some Fable 2 merchandise and chances for players to get their fifteen minutes of fame:

  • The option of having a Fable 2 shopkeeper, villager, farmer, monk or quest character named after you
  • Signed underwear by Peter Molyneux
  • The only known surviving Fable t-shirt signed by the development team in 2004
  • An official, limited edition Fable 2 sweater-slash-hoodie
  • Exclusive Fable 2 framed and printed artwork

Of course, all the proceeds of the auction will go to the Child’s Play Charity and not to Lionhead Studios. So if you think that playing Santa while immortalizing your name is a good idea, drop by the Child’s Play Fundraiser Dinner Auction.

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