LocoRoco 2 out by December, but where?

LocoRoco2 - Image 1Release dates have been announced for LocoRoco 2? It’s coming out this December? Seems like it. The only question now is, December for where?

LocoRoco2 - Image 1We’ve seen new footage of LocoRoco 2 at the Leipzig just a little over a month back. But while we’re happy to see the joyful blobs rolling about the greens, we can’t help but wonder when are they really coming?

It looks like we don’t have to wonder to much now, as we’ve picked up on news that the sequel to the loved Loco Roco for the PSP will be shipping out sometime this December. Wow, all this silence, and it’s been sneaking up from right under us! Oh wait. That’s for Korea. Pfft. Korea’s been getting a lot of cool stuff as of late, don’t you think? Say, like that DJ Max Portable PSP-3000 bundle.

Anyhow, we’re of course more interested in the North American release date. And unfortunately for us, we’ll have to wait a bit longer. Reports say it’s “likely to be drawn out to 2009″. Likely. We” just keep  you posted on more updates on this as they blob along. We’re sure there’ll be plenty to go around anyway once TGS hits.

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