Luminous Arc devs planning ‘really cool action game’ for PSP

Really cool action game - Image 1Remember when Sony was supposed to reveal this “super-sexy secret game” at TGS? Well, we don’t know what came out of that one, but here’s something else: imageepoch, the guys behind Luminous Arc, are promising this “really cool action game” for the PSP some time in the future.

Luminous Arc - Vanessa - Image 1Japanese video game developer imageepoch has revealed that they just might broaden their portfolio with a new game to be released for the PSP.

See, ever since their studio was established in 2005, they’ve only been working on Nintendo platforms. To date, they’ve got the following under their belt, all of which are RPGs:

  • Luminous Arc (DS)
  • Luminous Arc 2: Will (DS)
  • World Destruction (DS)
  • 7th Dragon (DS)
  • Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii)

Now, imageepoch president Ryoei Mikage just let Siliconera in on a little hint: without elaborating on anything, he said that “Next year or next, next year, there might be a really cool action PSP game.”

Well I found Luminous Arc fun (and oftentimes distracting too – see image on right), and I wished they release World Destruction in the west simply because some of the original Square Enix members who worked on Xenogears were also on board the World Destruction team.

So this time, it’s an action game, huh? And on the PSP too. Currently only billed as “a really cool action PSP game,” it’s hard to make anything out of it. It kinda reminds me of Sony‘s “super-sexy secret game” which was supposed to have been revealed at TGS.

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