Major Nelson: Microsoft to reset Gamerscores of cheaters

Major Nelson: Microsoft to reset Gamerscores of cheaters - Image 1A couple months back, Major Nelson spoke about Microsoft’s stand on Gamerscore cheating. It’s only now that the company has taken definitive steps on this anomaly. How exactly? By resetting Gamerscores to zero. Read more on this in the full article.

Major Nelson: Microsoft to reset Gamerscores of cheaters - Image 1Previously, Major Nelson of Microsoft spoke that they would cancel Gamerscores of cheaters’ accounts. Well, today’s the day wherein they will be taking concrete steps in doing this particular act.

He just updated his blog saying that they were able to take action on some of the accounts that they’ve identified as being owned by serious offenders of the Xbox Live Terms of Use.

Those who have tampered with their Gamerscore and Achievements are now classified as offenders and/or cheaters. Major Nelson even posted the three steps that they take whenever they would reset the Gamerscores of cheaters:

  • Resetting the entire Gamerscore for an account to zero
  • The account will be unable to regain all previously obtained achievements and Gamerscore, however, the players will have the ability to gain future Achievements by earning them fairly, like the majority of the Xbox Live community does.
  • The account will be clearly labeled as a cheater for the community to view on In dash, the personal view of the gamercard will be labeled as well. 

So if you’re probably entertained the thought of trying to rake in so much with your Gamerscore through some illegal manner, don’t bother doing so. The risk is far too great. Hopefully, this notification would serve as a stern warning for all Xbox Live users.

Via Major Nelson

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