Making love in Mass Effect

Mass Effect by BioWare - Image 1Even without gore, BioWare‘s Mass Effect for the Microsoft Xbox 360 received a Mature rating by ESRB for partial nudity, thongs, and love scenes. If you’re the naughty kid who can’t wait to get his hands on the gift even before Christmas (or in this case, the video game’s November 20 release), here’s a video of the love scene with a humanoid android alien that earned the title its big “M” label.

BioWare‘s hottest upcoming role-playing game Mass Effect for the Microsoft Xbox 360 seems to be coming with more intense moments than you can imagine. In this latest gameplay video, female Commander Shepard makes out with one of the alien babes you’ll meet in the epic RPG.

There’s a pretty good reason to be excited about Mass Effect‘s November 20 release. From the looks of it, the game will live up to the hype with cinematic presentation and the promised “love scene” that earned ESRB‘s M-17 rating and BBFC’s 12+ rating. During the steamy night, you’ll encounter conversation choices – the perfect way to brush up your social skills.

Can’t wait? Find the video embedded below.

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