Mario Kart Wii gameplay videos: Multiplayer Montage, Excite Luigi, Pipe Tricking, Koopa Rips it Up

Mario Kart Wii - Image 1Itching to get your Mario Kart fix on the Nintendo Wii, but can’t wait till Mario Kart Wiis release date? Then prepare to experience the next-gen vicariously through these gameplay videos, featuring multiplayer play, an airborne Luigi, a dastardly Koopa on wheels, and (you guessed it) Mario ripping up the pipes. Check out the videos in the full article.

With Super Smash Bros. Brawl right around the corner, we look towards to the horizon for yet another first-class, first-party title for the Nintendo Wii – and Mario Kart Wii is the screaming 150cc machine on four wheels headed right for us. Let’s check out just what sort of mayhem we’ll be able to experience online through these latest gameplay videos of Mario Kart Wii in action.

Looking at the videos, it’s certainly clear that Nintendo is laying it on thick with the content and fanservice – even if things do look just a bit too familiar for comfort. One of the things that you have to take notice of is the trick system, and it’s definitely going to be awesome pulling off stunts in midair regardless of your vehicle.

Enjoy the videos!

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