Mathieulh: Dark AleX’s 3.80 M33 CFW not coming in December 24

Sony PlayStation Portable - Image 1Those excited over the fact that Dark AleX is working on 3.80 M33 custom firmware may have heard about the rumor about DAX himself stating that the CFW will be released on December 24, just in time for the holidays. However, homebrew developer Mathieulh dismissed it as a mere hoax. Details in the full article!

Sony PlayStation Portable - Image 1 

After the news of Dark AleX working on 3.80 M33 CFW spread like wildfire throughout the Internet, a related rumor started to circulate throughout the information tubes. According to this interesting tidbit, DAX will release the 3.80 M33 CFW on December 24.

A poster from a gaming related forum reportedly saw Dark AleX posting “I will be releasing 3.80 M33 the 24th December” in an IRC channel. However, homebrew developer Mathieulh gunned down the rumor (and possibly dashing the hopes of PSP users hoping for an early release in the process), saying that the Dark AleX who posted that statement through IRC is most likely a fake, and explained that the real DAX wouldn’t show up in public IRC servers, “for obvious reasons.”

Well, there you have it. While we won’t get the 3.80 M33 CFW just in time for Christmas, at least we know that it’s already being worked on. More updates to come!

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