Metal Gear Online now live in all regions

Metal gear Online - Image 1If you were one of the many people who were disappointed with the delay of Metal Gear Online‘s Premiere beta, the wait is over. You can bring out those sneaking suits and get ready to battle with other players because the final patch is in and the Konami servers have been fired up. More details after the jump!

Solid Snake - Image 1A lot of us Metal Gear series diehards were a bit disappointed with the delay of the MGO Premiere Beta kick-off. Konami said that there was one last patch needed to keep the gremlins out, so we had no choice but to lay in wait and be patient.

The wait is over, tactical espionage action fans! The patch is live and you can now try to log in on the MGO servers. It wasn’t easy to get into a match in our experience, but we managed to get into one, but we can’t tell you how our run went. If we did, we’d have to snap your necks and drag you into a locker.

As promised before, your online career in Metal Gear will start with the creation of your character. You will then be able to select your primary set of skills depending on what you do best. Find some friends and teammates, square off, and get those sneaking suits dirty!

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