MGO Gene expansion spews technical disappointments

FOX HOUND - Image 1If you held off on buying Metal Gear Online‘s Gene Update, you should give yourself a pat on the back. The update has been reported to be a problematic one with server issues galore. Some have even reported to have received nothing from what they paid Konami and Kojima Productions. More in the full article.

Metal Gear Online - Image 1 

No doubt a lot of us were excited about Metal Gear Online‘s Gene Expansion which dropped yesterday and a lot of us paid for it so we can enjoy the new features. However, Konami and Kojima Productions stumbled big on this one as the update wreaked havoc on the game in a bad way.

Users who ordered the Gene expansion reported paying for it and getting nothing at all. Those who did get what they paid for also suffered as Konami blocked out random IPs to lessen the load on their servers which were clearly under a lot of stress.

As a result, all the game’s “Survival” mode battles for the weekend were called off. Here’s hoping Kojima Productions can do something about this one in a hurry.

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