MGS4-themed PS3 signed by Hideo Kojima sold for US$ 17,100

For US$ 17,100! - Image 1 What can you buy with US$ 17,100? Well, you can get either 42 80GB PS3s, 100 PSP Slims, 4,275 Big Macs, or a beautiful MGS4-themed PS3 signed by Hideo Kojima. Guess what this one guy picked.

For US$ 17,100! - Image 1What can you buy with US$ 17,100? I gave it some thought and came up with the following:

  • 42 80GB PS3s
  • 342 DualShock 3 controllers
  • 100 PSP Slims
  • 11 46″ Bravias
  • 4,275 Big Macs

Now, I’ll probably never see that kind of money in this lifetime, but it looks like one guy just happened to have it, and he used it to get the winning bid on that Metal Gear Solid 4-themed PS3 we reported on a week ago. Yeah, the one signed by Hideo Kojima and Yumi Kikuchi. The one that came with the swag pack full of limited edition items. Excuse me while I wipe my drool off the keyboard.

I can’t imagine myself laying out that kind of money for a system that I’ll never get to play with (it’s just so darn beautiful – except the controller – that I think it would be sacrilege to even play on it), but I really do like that Foxhound case. It would go pretty well with my G-Man Halloween costume.

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