Michael Ephraim: In Australia, PS3 outsold 360 by 45 percent in Q1

PlayStation 3 beating out the 360 in Australia? - Image 1Sony Managing Director Michael Ephraim has an interesting bit of info for the Australian PS3 readers out there. According to an interview excerpt with PALGN, the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 by 45% during the first quarter. Read more about this after the jump!

PlayStation 3 sold 45% more than Xbox 360 in Australia in Q1 - Image 1How’s the PS3 doing in Australia? Quite well it seems. An interview excerpt from PALGN has Sony Managing Director Michael Ephraim saying that the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 by 45% in the first quarter.

Said Ephraim,

I can tell you in the first quarter of 2008 we have outsold Xbox 360 by around 45%. That is not including the Bravia deal, which moved through around 30,000 units, so if you add the Bravia deal to our global sales we have now, in the first quarter of 2008 we have outsold the Xbox 360 by two to one.

In addition to this, Sony’s Managing Director also believes that it’s only a matter of time before the PS3 install base in Australia meets or surpasses that of the Xbox 360’s. Ephraim is hoping that such will happen by the end of the year, though we’ll definitely have to wait and see if Ephraim’s words ring true. In the meantime, expect us to get more info once PALGN’s full interview goes live.

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