Michael Pachter: Nintendo’s Wii and DS estimates are conservative

Michael Pachter: Nintendo's Wii and DS estimates are conservative - Image 1Michael Pachter‘s lending his own opinions regarding Nintendo’s recently released financial reports for the last fiscal year. The analyst notes that Nintendo may be a tad conservative with its predictions for this year, and that they may be seeing far more sales than they think. Further details are available in the full article.

Michael Pachter: Nintendo's Wii and DS estimates are conservative - Image 1Nintendo’s not the only who’s got high hopes for the months to come, it seems. Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has lent his two cents regarding the company’s financial reports for the past fiscal year ending March 31, 2008.

For one, there’s the matter of Nintendo’s projected sales numbers for this fiscal year, currently set at 177 million Wii software units. “We think that the actual software shipment figure will be closer to 200 million,” said the analyst regarding this point.

Pachter does note that the average pricing for the console’s games were also expected to increase for next year.Pachter also gave his comments regarding Nintendo’s predictions for their DS handheld system:

The companyÂ’s software forecast is not reasonable for the DS. Nintendo expects DS software sales to increase from 185.6 million units to 187 million, while expecting the DS installed base to go from 70.6 million to 98.6 million.

He estimates that contrary to Nintendo’s prediction, the DS’ software base may add up to a whopping 210 million units by next year. This figure would further be solidified by the upcoming launch of the new Pokemon and Guitar Hero games for the handheld. That’s the latest info we’ve picked up regarding Pachter’s analysis. Drop by again in case we run into any more related updates.

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