Michael Pachter: Ubisoft could double sales by 2010

Ubisoft - Image 1Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has made quite a number of predictions already. His latest one says that Ubisoft  could be in a position to double its revenue by 2010.

Before you doubt his claims, you might want to check out the full article which contains his complete statement and why he believes the company is on the rise. Follow the “read more” link below to get there.

Ubisoft - Image 1There’s no doubt that game developer and publisher Ubisoft is one of the big names in the video game industry. From October to December of last year, the company reported earnings of € 450 million (US$ 650 million). That’s € 40 million (around US$ 59 million) more than their expected revenue.

This increase in earnings has not gone unnoticed. Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has given word that they believe Ubisoft may be in a position to double its revenue by the year 2010. Here’s what he had to say:

By FY:10, we believe that the company is in a position to more than double revenues from FY:07 levels, and could deliver contribution margin on its revenue growth of more than 40 percent.

Ubisoft is well positioned to gain share over the next several years, and continues to execute well on its strategy to gain share on each next generation platform. Its strength in the casual games has tracked well with surprising Nintendo DS hardware sales growth, which we expect to continue into 2008.

This recent success of Ubisoft has been attributed to multiple factors such as having a video game line-up which pretty much covers every console and handheld out in the market. Whatever the reason for their success, no one can say that the company hasn’t been releasing good games. In the end, that’s what we gamers really care about.

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