Microsoft researching new controllers for Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 controller - Image 1If website TeamXbox’s sources prove accurate, Microsoft might be announcing a new controller type for the Xbox 360. Considering the popularity of the Nintendo Wii and its waggle, this might be a turning point in the current console wars.

Want to find out more about this? Head on over to the full article for more details.

Xbox 360 Controller mod - Image 1When people talk about console controllers, everyone automatically thinks directional pad. Sure, we’ve got a few platforms which went against the grain and succeeded such as the Nintendo Wii but it’s still common for us to associate the D-pad as the standard method of input for console gaming. However, Microsoft may have something to say about that.

According to, Microsoft  has been researching new methods of alternate input technology for their systems over the past two years. Among these include vision-based recognition such as that used in Xbox Live Vision and motion sensing technologies similar to the SIXAXIS or the Wiimote.

Interestingly enough, the website announced that Microsoft will be announcing news about this soon. If this holds true, then we might soon have a new controller for the Xbox 360. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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