Microsoft wants iPhone Xbox Live Apps to be free of charge

XBL Friends List on iPhone - Image 1In a move that is sure to be welcomed by many, Microsoft has stopped the distribution of all Xbox Live-related iPhone applications at the Apple’s AppStore. Why is this going to be welcomed? Because Microsoft wants these apps to be absolutely free of charge. More on this after the jump.

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Here’s some good news for Xbox Live and Apple iPhone subscribers. Microsoft has officially halted the distribution of related applications over at Apple’s AppStore. No, this move is not to put a stop to creative coding, but rather it is a move to make all programs offered to patrons absolutely free of charge.

This news is revealed by the creators of the 1337pwn Friends List application (an app that allows users to access to their own XBL Friends List through Apple’s iPhone) this morning, coming from a recent discussion with Microsoft’s developer relations department.

Although some are wary that this could be a covert tactic from Microsoft as they are gearing up for development of their own iPhone applications, we guess users still have all reasons to be happy that all Xbox Live-related applications are now free. More updates on this as they come.

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