Midway CEO to investors: next-gen Mortal Kombat game on track

Mortal Kombat  - Image 1Fighting game fans have a lot to be happy about. Midway Games‘ CEO revealed that the new Mortal Kombat for next-gen consoles is on track. To find out more about this, head on over to the full article by clicking on the “read more” link below.

Mortal Kombat Scorpion - Image 1David Zucker, the CEO of Midway Games, spoke with his company’s investors in a recent conference call where he shared some interesting factoids that gamers may want to know.

Zucker revealed that the new Mortal Kombat video game for next-gen consoles slated for this year is still on track. So far, information on this new title are sketchy though rumors have been going around that it might be tied up with another franchise.

This is pretty good news for fans of fighting games everywhere. It’s pretty much a given that we’ll be hearing more about this upcoming game in the near future, so keep checking back here for more updates.


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