Minion management: three new Overlord titles to arrive in 2009

Codemasters' Overlord - Image 1He may not be the Lich King, but he’s got enough evil to fuel his next three games all the way into next year. Codemasters is set to unleash a generous spread of malevolence in 2009 with three brand new Overlord titles. Get ready for the sequel to the 2007 Minion-fest as well as its two new spin-off titles. Find out more about them in our full article after the jump.

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Evil doers rejoice, because Codemasters is set to unleash a generous spread of malevolence by next year with three brand new Overlord titles. Aside from the direct sequel to the first game released in 2007, two other spin-offs will also be released on multiple platforms.

Triumph Studios will be spearheading development for Overlord II, with releases for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC in the works. Nintendo is also willing to give out its share of Minion pie with their own Overlord title in Overlord Dark Legend for the Wii and Overlord Minions on the DS.

Each game will be unique from one another, with the latter two making use of each platform’s unique control system to bring the latest Overlord titles to life. Overlord II will deliver the same zany and dark humor found in the first title, while showing off some bigger and badder Minions to rise to the call of the new dark lord.

Those of you wondering how the Nintendo versions of the game will fare can still expect the same brand of uber authoritarian rulership as its main theme. However, each title will be rather unique from the original series in a sense that both have been worked on from the ground up and will include some interesting gameplay mechanics working for them.

Overlord Dark Legend will make full use of the Wiimote to command your Gremlin-like minions and make them follow your every whim. Overlord Minions, on the other hand, will focus more on the “lovable” and slave-driven peons in a more puzzle-based environment.

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