Mod project: The Super Mario Bros-themed Wii

Mod project: The Super Mario Bros-themed Wii - Image 1Nothing exemplifies the gamer fandom as explicitly as a customized console. That said, we’re letting you know of a mod project that takes one Nintendo Wii, and turns it into a proverbial art piece with some surprisingly practical uses. Details and screens are available in the full article.

Break into song, write a fanfic, or even camp at your local retailer.The number of ways gamers can pay tribute to their favorite franchise numbers is as numerous as the stars. But admittedly, nothing grabs quite as much attention as decking out your console as your favorite character. 

Aside from cosplayers, of course. We picked up on an interesting mod project that was conducted by BeerBellyJoe, which transforms the ordinary Nintendo Wii into a very unique diorama of Mario in his old SMB setting.

Perhaps more interesting on this mod is the fact that BeerBellyJoe managed to install a Wiimote charger on the side of the unit, cleverly disguised as a pipe. Here are some screens of this mod project:

Mod project: The Super Mario Bros-themed Wii - Image 1 Mod project: The Super Mario Bros-themed Wii - Image 2 

BeerBellyJoe also posted detailed instructions on how this mod was pulled off. Before you get started, you will need these tools:

  • A Wii
  • Tri wing / Phillips screwdriver
  • Bondo / silicone mold
  • Clay
  • Some piping
  • Wiimote Charger
  • wire, solder, soldering iron, usb male & female
  • paint
  • And some Balls to take apart your Wii!

We further remind you guys that attempting this mod will void your console warranty. Now if you’re truly interested in following the modder‘s lead, you can view the full instructions via the source link.

Via Instructables

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