Molyneux: Fable 2 coming late 2008, wants to do God games for DS

Peter Molyneux - Image 1Lionhead Studios‘ Xbox 360 exclusive title Fable 2 will apparently be released “when the leaves have a slight brownish tinge – but are still on the trees.” That’s what Lionhead’s big boss Peter Molyneux says, anyway.

The highly anticipated sequel to the Xbox title Fable will reportedly arrive late next year. More from Molyneux at the full article.

Fable 2 - Image 1

Lionhead Studios head Peter Molyneux revealed during a LiveText interview with Eurogamer today that Fable 2, the highly anticipated follow-up to the Xbox title Fable, will be released in “late 2008.”

Molyneux declined to give out any specifics regarding the game’s release date. When pressed, he added that the game could be out “when the leaves have a slight brownish tinge – but are still on the trees”.

Apart from Fable 2, Molyneux revealed that Lionhead is also working on a title that’s “kind of a hybrid of Dimitri” which could possibly be “Project X”, one of Lionhead’s as yet unannounced projects. Molyneux seems pretty hyped about this particular project, saying that it “is absolutely great, revolutionary and ambitious!”

Molyneux also expressed an interest in developing simulation and God games for the Nintendo DS handheld console. He said he would love to do a DS version of Dungeon Keeper, if only Electronic Arts would give him the rights back.

Via Eurogamer

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