Mom calls foul after kids saw nudes through XBL

Xbox logo - Image 1The Microsoft Xbox 360’s Xbox Live service has proven itself to be a platform for Internet crimes, as one mother from Lansing, Michigan complains after her two sons became victims of viewing nude pictures sent through XBL. Authorities now want parents to be aware that the console connected to the Internet is as dangerous as any home computer with the same freedom to access the information highway. More on this at the full article.

Kid playing Xbox 360 - Image 1Since it’s deeply rooted to the Internet, Microsoft‘s Xbox Live service on the Xbox 360 is prone to abusive material that can be passed around. One mother learned this fact the hard way when she found her two sons viewing nude pictures sent through XBL.

Jennifer from Lansing, Michigan said she immediately took the Xbox 360 controllers and turned the console off after she realized that her children have become victims of an Internet crime. She dropped XBL’s customer service line a call, but she was told that nothing can be done about it.

The Michigan State Police came into the picture with a detective from the Computer Crimes unit, Thomas Kish, saying the service should concern everyone. He explained that parents must be aware of Xbox Live’s online capabilities which makes it as dangerous as home computers connected to the Internet.

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