Monster Hunter Festa 08 event is on the roll

A cropped version of the Monster Hunter Festa 08 banner - Image 1A long time ago, a famous bard once quipped that joys tend to double when they are shared with others. Perhaps that’s the reason why fans of the Monster Hunter series congregate every year to touch base.

For those of you who won’t be able to attend Monster Hunter Festa 08, worry not. We’ve got some news to share with you. Hunt for it in the full article after the jump.

A banner for the Japanese Monster Hunter Fest 08 event - Image 1 

There’s nothing quite like a major event to bring Monster Hunter fans together.  As the Monster Hunter Festa 08 proceeds along its merry course in Japan, we’ve got the scoop on the initial happenings in the event itself.

As with the previous year’s event, Monster Hunter fans met and connected through various activities. Players leveled up their characters, competed against each other, shook hands with the game’s developers and bought Monster Hunter-related merchandise.

As Fukuoka was the venue for the preliminary rounds of the Japan Monster Hunter contest, eight teams were selected to move on to the succeeding rounds after passing the challenges thrown at them.

Other noteworthy event highlights included Monster Hunter Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto greeting hunters onstage. Also present at the event was a huge, 30-kilogram figure with Rathalos Armor (the same one present during the launch of Capcom‘s hit title, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G).

The venue for the next event is Tokyo. Stay tuned for more Monster Hunter Festa 08 updates as we get them. 

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